Careers in Forestry

Forestry Careers & Training Opportunities

There are a wide range of exciting roles within the forestry industry. Check out the stories below highlighting young men and woman who picked forestry as their future career. The training and jobs now being undertaken by all of them are as diverse and exciting as the industry.

A One-Stop-Shop for Forestry Careers

A new web portal,, is a comprehensive starting point for anyone interested in forestry education, training and careers. It provides a wealth of information and directs you to other relevant websites and sources of information.

It contains information about the myriad of career opportunities available in forestry. It covers options from practical roles in silviculture and harvesting to forest management, engineering, surveying, research, administration, human resource management, IT and others. Details on some 30 types of jobs are provided. In addition, an outline of the work involved, salary range, and what training or education might be needed to match each particular job is shown.

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Forestry training – what’s on offer?

Details on the many regional and national education and training courses on offer can be found on the web portal, ( A full range, from entry level practical and academic courses through to options for further training mid-career to ideas for people thinking of moving into forestry from other sectors is supplied. There are numerous links to the various course providers’ websites and contact people.

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Forestry Careers resources

A surprisingly large number of scholarships, awards and other assistance packages are available for education and training at every level in the industry.

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Scholarships & awards available

A raft of resources for school careers advisers or anyone else who needs information about forestry careers, education and training is able to be accessed through A great collection of videos and other resources are accessible and downloadable for people running careers and recruitment events.

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Video Profiles & Highlights

Careers Available in Forestry
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Young Leader: Acacia Farmery
Technology & science careers
Young Leader: Pauline Edge
Young Leader: Brionny Hooper