Digital communications rolled out across forestry operations

July 15, 2021
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A new digital radio system from Motorola Solutions and communications partner Central Radio Services (CRS) is helping New Zealand’s City Forests to work more safely and efficiently while complying with COVID-19 work requirements.

Initially deployed to replace an outdated analogue radio network, the system delivers many additional benefits. Among them are contact-free communication and social distancing in the field, replacing the need for drivers to exchange paper job dockets with a digital docketing system.

The new solution incorporates MOTOTRBO SLR5500 digital two-way radio repeaters across four sites with TRBOnet radio dispatch software providing valuable data and safety features, helping to locate workers wherever they are in the forest.

The system also provides a touch-free method for workers to exchange other essential job details including truck numbers, log quantities and crew ID numbers. All of these solutions are integrated and connected to a digital network radio core provided by the Orion Network.

City Forests manages more than 23,730 hectares of forest in the Otago region, growing more than seven million trees while maintaining high standards and certifications for sustainability. Ensuring safety and security for workers and recreational forest users throughout such an expansive area requires instant, dependable and secure communication.

Forest Production Manager for City Forests, Guy Bonner, said his organisation has experienced many benefits by migrating to an advanced digital communication system. “Upgrading our network to digital not only enabled clearer voice communication, but provided us with other useful features like text messaging and GPS capability,” said City Forests’ Forest Production Manager, Guy Bonner.

“Moving to a digital platform also gives us the option to plug in further capabilities to improve safety in the future,” Bonner said. Motorola Solutions Channel General Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Rhys Clare, said the evolution of digital radio technology is helping enterprises to increase collaboration and performance across their entire operations.
Source: Motorola