Transport company tackling driver fatigue

May 19, 2022
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Dynes Transport are on a mission to save lives and livelihoods. They paired together smart technology solutions from Seeing Machines and EROAD, and reduced their risk of driver fatigue and distraction to make sure all of their team members make it home safely at the end of the day – or night!

Dynes Transport is a transport business based in Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand. They’ve been in business for over 50 years. They’re trusted by customers to safely and efficiently transport goods and materials across the country whether they’re hauling logs, transporting milk or carting wine for the harvest.

Fatigue – one of the biggest risks for fleets and drivers

Fatigue is a killer on our roads, yet it can be difficult to recognise. It’s not just falling asleep at the wheel. Long before you fall asleep, your reaction time and alertness are impacted. It can be hard to determine if fatigue was a factor in many crashes, however it was still identified as a contributing factor in 26 fatal crashes and 89 serious injury crashes in 2020 – taking the lives of 29 people .

Dynes adopted technology to reduce their biggest risks: speed, distraction and fatigue.

“Every company should have a list of critical risks. The big-ticket items that are going to cause major harm”, says Stephen Divers, Dynes Transport Risk & Compliance Manager.

Dynes are one of the first companies in New Zealand to roll out the Seeing Machines Guardian technology across their entire fleet of 150 vehicles. They’ve also installed EROAD’s dual facing, high definition Clarity Connected dashcams.

“As we released more and more Seeing Machines cameras in the cab, we found that the definition of the forward-facing camera wasn’t quite sufficient to be able to identify other road users and registration plates”, adds Stephen, “that’s why we approached EROAD and said actually we like the Clarity Dashcam. We don’t have to download it from the hard drive on Guardian. We can request it online.”

The Seeing Machines integration with EROAD means that any footage from a fatigue or distraction event is uploaded straight into MyEROAD. From there, Stephen is able to see all the vehicle and driver data, including GPS location, the speed the driver was doing and even his logbook hours – together with high-definition video footage. It makes it easy for his Fatigue Coach to review any events and decide whether further action is needed, such as asking the driver to park up and take a break.

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Source: eroad