Silvicultural work highlighted in new videos

September 15, 2020
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Silviculture workers are crucial to the success of New Zealand’s forestry industry. However sometimes the important work they do can be over-shadowed by the harvesting end of the business. But silviculture is where the forestry cycle starts. The planting, pruning, thinning and other work silvi crews do, has a huge impact on the crop as it matures.

Good silviculture crews set things up in a way that adds considerable value for forest managers and owners. They also ensure that things can go more smoothly at harvesting time. Silviculture crews do valuable work. They are people worth valuing, investing in and taking care of.

To showcase their work, Safetree teamed up with Whanganui-based company Penetito Forestry. They’ve made some videos of the work the Penetito crews do, and how they add value for the company’s clients. Penetito are Safetree Certified Contractors and have taken part in Safetree’s Leadership courses. So, they have some great insights to offer on what makes a successful crew.

Safetree is suggesting you might like to take time out to watch these videos and share them with your crews, teams and clients. They are a great way to acknowledge and celebrate the important work being done by a key part of our industry.

Click here to watch these five new silviculture videos.

Source: Safetree